Capital Planning & Execution

Intelligent, organized & value-add focused

Our experienced team brings a wide variety of knowledge to our clients' current and future investments. Focusing on value-add capital, we manage projects from start to finish with the goals of income generation and physical preservation.


Corridor works closely with vendors in the bidding process, outlining insurance requirements and verifying coverage to protect our clients' assets and all extended parties. In addition, our management company implements vendor contracts that hold contractors accountable for a designated scope of work, materials, price and timeline. Penalties are enforced when those vendors do not meet expectations.

Corridor has a wide network of effective contractor resources that we call upon or use for comparison in markets where they are not available.  Members of our senior management team have construction management backgrounds, so our clients know that their investments are managed properly.


Corridor has multiple approaches to income generation and asset preservation. Our company has managed several portfolios looking at value-add investments to increase revenue by implementing intelligent, cost controlled improvements that renters pay a premium for.  Examples include modern apartment interiors, common area improvements, and increased amenities that target the market demographic.  Major projects have included large-scale interior remodels, $60,000 in common area improvements, and a multi-million dollar community clubhouse featuring a full fitness center, leasing office, tanning booths, study rooms, and a coffee bar.