Human Resources 

A team our clients like to work with

Front line staff is the most important component of our clients' success. Corridor handles all of its clients' human resource needs, including recruiting, training, growth and education, payroll and benefit services, performance evaluation, and employment counseling. We put the right people in the right place with the right support. 


Our corporate team does frequent and consistent check-ins with onsite staff to ensure accountability and provide experienced support. Regional managers travel among sites and offer guidance and assistance, and our senior management team is involved in weekly reporting calls to review property performance metrics and provide support on steps needed to correct any performance indicators early on. 

Corporate best practices guides, training videos, and resources work to provide consistency and optimal results with onsite operations.


All Corridor employees have an on-going training schedule that grows with their employment. Grace Hill Training, a property management specific online training resource, is used to develop training schedules specific to the employee's position and career goals. Courses in employment basics, such as Sexual Harassment, Workplace Diversity, and Fair Housing, are completed within the beginning weeks of employment, while courses designed to improve performance are implemented throughout the career timeline. Examples include Dealing With Difficult People, Advanced Leasing, and Building A Team Culture. 

Corridor encourages growth and education by offering education reimbursement for courses that enhance the employee's business and/or technical skills. The company also hosts an annual retreat where managers from all locations come together for one-on-one training and professional development with their colleagues. 


Corridor does quarterly performance appraisals for all employees to help counsel and provide feedback on overall success in their position. Full time employees are eligible for bonuses based on their performance rating, as well as the property's NOI, ensuring that our employees are constantly motivated to help the property succeed and achieve their personal growth goals.